womanandboyMom, is it gluten-free?

As we came out of Athens’ Metro, it seemed everybody walking across the square was holding a “tyropita” (cheese pocket) from one of the many vendor carts. Hot, fresh, delicious…then my son said those dreaded words: “is that gluten-free?”

My son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when he was four. I knew that our house would need to be free of conventional breads, flours and other forms of gluten, and that he would face challenges finding a good meal at a restaurant when the family was out. But I also believed many of our family favorites and traditional Greek recipes would be off limits to him – forever.

After a few years, we were thankful that knowledge about gluten-free foods was growing and that the choices were better than they’d ever been, but we hadn’t found truly crave-able and convenient food – or any of the ethnic varieties that I grew up enjoying. And, because my son’s sensitivities were intense, the risk of cross-contamination still scared me.

Simply Awesome!

That’s when I started developing gluten-free versions of a few of my favorite family recipes. I’ll never forget my son’s response: “simply awesome!” Now, the standard was set, and I set off on a mission.

I started Kiki’s Gluten-Free Foods to deliver the world’s best-tasting, highest-quality gluten-free products. Inspired by our family’s Greek cuisine and our struggles with Celiac Disease, I’ve launched a line of KikiPockets (traditional hand-held pies with sweet and savory fillings) and KikiCakes (some of our favorite sweets!).

I believe we succeeded in shattering the preconceived notions of how gluten-free food should taste. And others agree (click for Awards and Testimonials).

KikiProducts are made by real people who care about our bodies and our community.

KikiPockets and KikiCakes are made in gluten-free facilities or tested at 20 parts per million. They’re made with the best quality ingredients so the great taste doesn’t mean you’re cheating your body – you’re nourishing it. Like non-GMO flour, organic butter, organic eggs, Greek extra-virgin olive oil, and real Greek Feta cheese…our ingredients are pure, and the end result is, well, simply awesome!

We support Celiac Disease research, and education to help diagnose those who may be suffering unnecessarily…and hope to one day to be part of the movement that uncovers a cure.

Please enjoy our products. And let us know how you like them- we’d love to hear from you!